Andrew (MD)
Favourite Coffee: Americano
(The Inspiration)

Andrew drives the team with enthusiasm and dedication to be the very best we can be. His knowledge and ideas are the reason Voyager is at the forefront of the South West coffee industry.

Favourite Coffee: Espresso

Meet the new face of the Voyager sales team! Italian born and bred, we are delighted to welcome Silvia to the Voyager HQ. A complete coffee fanatic, Silvia is fully clued up on both our machines and our coffee.

Favourite Coffee: Flat White
(The Dedicated One)

Emma directs our day-to-day operations and converts all of Andrew’s amazing ideas for the company into reality. Her drive and enthusiasm keeps us all on track.

Favourite Coffee: Flat White
(The Janner)

Alex worked for the technical team at Sanremo UK before joining us at Voyager, so he knows a thing or two about Sanremo coffee machines. You'll likely hear him before you see him!  

Stephen H
Favourite Coffee: Long Black
(The Charmer)

Stephen can usually be found mastering the art of coffee roasting in our Roastery, but you’ll also meet him out on deliveries across the South West.

Favourite Coffee: Latte
(The Organised One)

Toni is our ever smiling Technical Support Coordinator. She manages our technical team and is the first port of call if you need help with your equipment.

Claire G
Favourite Coffee: Flat white
(The Banker)

Claire is our numbers person and works closely with Emma to keep our finances in check, taking care of everything from credit control to purchasing.

Favourite Coffee: Flat white
(The Passion Provider)

Steve is our Customer Service Manager and highly regarded Barista Trainer. His vital role is one that he takes very seriously and with great enthusiasm - something you'll recognise if you've ever completed one of his fun and engaging coffee training courses!

Claire C 
Favourite Coffee: She's a tea girl 
(The People Person)

Claire is the lovely lady who oversees everything Human Resources. She has the important job of looking after one of our most valuable assets - the Voyager team.

Favourite Coffee: All of them
(The Alchemist)

Rachael is our Master Roaster. She’s behind everything we produce here at our Roastery. Her mission in life is to discover the very best from every single bean for you to enjoy and share.