Technical Support

We’re always on call, providing specialised technical support exactly when you need it.

Our engineers carry out annual preventative services on all coffee machines purchased from us. This gives you the comfort of knowing your equipment is in order so your team can concentrate on making the best cup of coffee every time.

As a result, we average just 0.4 callouts per machine each year.

However, should you need support, our technicians are available 7 days a week throughout the year. The only exception being Christmas Day but even then you can still reach us for help (even if a little wine affected) over the phone.


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Poppy Harrison (Ebdons Refreshments) - 23/10/2018

"The installation went really smoothly today and I wanted to feedback to you how friendly and professional the two guys who did the installation were. I have been having all manner of problems with getting tradespeople onsite to work effectively together and to respect each other’s work during this project. Your guys approached the job without ego or trying to find fault in the work that had already been done ahead of installation and I cannot tell you how welcome it was! They clearly cared about doing a good job and setting the machine up properly and also cleaned up after themselves."