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hand roasted in the heart of Devon

We believe in the power of people focussed on something they love. For us here at Voyager Coffee, it’s providing the best service and support within the UK coffee industry.

We know the effort you’ve put in so far.

If you’re looking to advance your current coffee game or make an impact straight from the day you launch we can support you with everything.

You get multi-award winning, much-loved espresso blends, sustainably sourced organic bulk brew, and rare single origin delights. All in completely sustainable packaging.

You have access to constant professional barista training at our state of the art academy throughout your entire journey.

You enjoy the best technical support in the UK for Sanremo espresso machines.

You take advantage of our unique machine contract hire options.


Nathan Siddle (Coljan) - 2019

"We were new to the industry in September this year. Voyager were recommended to us and it's been a fantastic service all around. The people are great, the product is great and the support has been second to none."

Matt Hayles (Rust and the Wolf) - 2019

"Great service from [Voyager]. We've had a couple of technical issues with the new machine as you do with anything new but they've come and sorted it out straight away [...] they've always been on hand to solve any issues."