In 2018, you couldn’t buy great coffee in compostable packaging no matter what your budget was. We knew this needed to change.

The team got together and we started researching. It soon became clear why this is such a tricky problem – you need high-barrier packaging to keep your coffee fresh right up until you’ve used the packaging. At this point, you want the packaging to compost easily, disappear into nothing, AND improve the soil it composts in to grow more plants.

It took us a year of trial and error but we finally made it – 100% compostable packaging that maintains the incredible flavours and aromas of good coffee but composts easily after use leaving behind nutrients that help grow more plants.

Read more about our packaging here.


Zero to Landfill

We manage all our waste onsite into three formats – composting, recycling, and zero to landfill. The majority of what we produce is either, used coffee grounds (we drink a lot!) or food peelings and scraps from our breakfast bar. We also produce recycling from mylk/m*lk/milk cartons (depending on your preference) as well as old boxes and the backs of all the labels we use which are made of paper. We could compost all our paper and card packaging scraps but it seems more efficient to recycle them. After all, the paper we use is 100% recycled already and our boxes are over 80% recycled already – let’s keep the circular system going.



We handle a lot of our own deliveries to the coffee houses and other wholesale partners we work with. This means we can keep the delivery routes environmentally efficient and stop in for a coffee or two with our favourite customers.

When we use couriers, we pick the ones that have the lowest environmental impact possible. This can be through carbon offsetting and getting your parcels to you in one piece so we don’t have to send them twice!