Enjoy our coffee at home.

Our retail coffee packaging is 100% plastic free meaning our multi award winning coffee is completely planet-friendly.

We will forever be in love with the feeling of that first sip of freshly brewed coffee, after you’ve climbed to the top of a tor or jumped out of the freezing cold sea. We are passionate about looking after the beautiful landscapes around us, and can rest easy knowing we are't causing it any damage.


Our seasonal blend, created to highlight all that’s smooth and sweet in a satisfying cup of coffee, currently comprised of coffees from Brazil, Guatemala and Colombia.

Ex Tax: £4.65

Our exploratory seasonal blend, created to highlight different complexities found in coffees from various origins, currently comprised of coffees from Guatemala, Ethiopia and Colombia.

Ex Tax: £6.95

A full bodied and complex blend of three exceptional Latin American coffees. Citrus and berry acidity with milk chocolate and hazelnut notes.

Ex Tax: £5.65

A coffee that is firmly ahead of the pack, Trailblaze delivers on flavour and strength without the bitterness.

Ex Tax: £4.85

Our punchiest coffee blend, Mustang packs a real caffeine kick. Roasted to just before second crack this coffee is deliciously strong with a smooth aftertaste.

Ex Tax: £4.40

A consistently good coffee from Brazil, our third single origin is full bodied and so delicious you won’t believe it’s decaf!

Ex Tax: £7.75

This triple certified espresso blend is sweet and well balanced with chocolate and nutty flavours. The perfect fusion of coffees from Peru, Honduras ad Sumatra.

Ex Tax: £5.85

Over 6 million cups of Voyager coffee are now enjoyed across the South West every year.

Restaurants, coffee shops, hotels, even boutique barber shops across the South West are working with us to raise coffee standards and invigorate their customers’ days with a quality cup of coffee.