Earlier this year we heard that both of these coffees we entered into the Great Taste awards blew away the judges and we scooped 50% of these top UK-wide espresso awards. We were told repeatedly that this was ‘a big deal’. We just want to drink great coffees, so that’s what we roast.

Both of these coffees below are omni-roasted and work equally well for filter and espresso as well as being packaged in 100% compostable packaging.



Our exploratory seasonal blend, created to highlight different complexities found in coffees from various origins, currently comprised of coffees from Guatemala, Ethiopia, and Colombia. Nomad will always follow a flavour profile that shows of all that is floral and fruity. This roast is kept light to complement the floral aromas and upfront fruity tones of this coffee, its great as a refreshing espresso, and delicious as a Chemex. The slow and gentle roast profile focuses on superb control of the development stage, maximising flavour and drawing the beans natural characteristics.


What the judges had to say…

“What an interesting collection of flavours. Almost boozy, fermented blueberry notes in the middle which we love. Interesting as it teases you into thinking the acidity might come on too much but it never does. A clever coffee and this is nothing like any other coffee we have tasted.”


Los Pirineos

Gilberto Baraona is a 15 times winner of Cup of Excellence in El Salvador and his farm Los Pirineos, is located at the top of the Tecapa Volcano, in the Tecapa Chinameca Coffee Region. This black honey processed Pacamara has been pulped with 100% of its mucilage remaining, then dried on shade beds. The coffee is moved 4 times a day and covered at night with a total drying time of 20 days. The coffee really stood out for us when we cupped it, showing off sweet figs and plum rounded off with hops and a buttery body.


What the judges had to say…

“Brilliant crema on this coffee and wonderfully intense, jammy flavours up front with a full, plummy stone fruit note following close behind. The mild fermented note is delicious and lingers nicely in the finish.”


How to buy?

Grab both these coffees as a gift pack for someone special this Christmas. You could even get it for yourself – there’s no judgement here. The important thing is if you know a coffee-lover who hasn’t tried these, they need to.