It was the beginning of the 1900’s when coffee was first introduced to Araku a small valley in eastern India. The beans hadn’t travelled far, only from a neighbouring valley. The production of coffee was steady in Araku until 2007 when a coffee farmer cooperative was formed to push the production and quality of the crop even further. Together they invested in modern technology such as coffee pulpers encased within their new state of the art processing unit which allowed them to refine their processing and increase time spent focussing on increasing the crop quality and yield.

We are really proud to present this exceptional coffee as it is a continued representation of our original mission with single origin coffees, to bring you unique coffees from all around the world. Of which this is certainly one, a far out flavour profile and our first ever coffee from India.

With tasting notes of creamed cashews and apricot jam this coffee definitely surprised us on the cupping table and it was a unanimous decision to get it in. We hope you enjoy the experience this coffee brings as much as we do. Head over to the shop to grab your bag now!