As we look forward to #finefoodnorth 2022, it’s great to remember the inspiring panel we were involved in at the close of 2021.
Tobias shared our vision that even the smallest pioneering brands can reshape industries for the better. Unlike an industry like the energy sector, which often requires government-led policies to instil change, the fine food industry is the perfect hotbed for customer-led radical change.
All it takes is to create a product that solves a customer problem and, if affordable for your niche (even at a stretch),  you have customers who can vote with their money.
Granted, it’s not quite that simple. Creating a product and brand that solves a tough customer problem is always hard, but we believe it is a strategic direction that will always be rewarded.
Our vision is for pioneering brands in small sectors, like the fine food industry, to create offerings that solve climate-related issues. We believe that the environmental issues we have globally need to be attacked from three angles – education from a young age, policy-led decisions, and customer-led decisions. For the third angle, all it takes is for someone to create a more sustainable product or service that customers have the option to vote for!
Photo credit: Guild of Fine Food