It was a rainy Monday when Steve started at Voyager 10 years ago… (that specific part about the weather might not be a wholly accurate recollection). What is true is that Voyager’s customers wouldn’t be where they are today without the steady guiding hand of our Head of Training.

If you were to take a step back to view the coffee served in the South West over the past 10 years, you’d have to acknowledge Steve’s influence throughout. Steve has headed up our Training Academy, taught basic to advanced barista skills, guided baristas’ careers, and critiqued latte art. He’s trained over 1000 baristas, café owners, and home brewers to make better coffee.

Today on this special day, we’d love you all to recognise Steve’s huge influence on the South West coffee world.

What is Steve drinking to celebrate?

Kraken & Coke.

What’s Steve doing to relax on the weekend?

Fishing, probably with a flat white.

How can you do Steve’s work justice?

Don’t ever settle for bad coffee.

Thanks so much, Steve!

Get out there and make good coffee!