Last Friday we packed up early and made the long trek from Dartmoor up into London. Hours and hours of traffic later we found ourselves on the Sanremo Espresso Bar showcasing our award-winning (Great Taste 3-STAR) coffee – Nomad.

It went down like a storm, including an evening collaboration with the Boiler & Company to create an alcoholic marvel called – Pineapple eSpress.

Saturday morning dawned and, after meeting all the people in person that we’ve been speaking to virtually for the past 18 months, we found ourselves showcasing and celebrating the launch of two new single-origins on the Hario UK brew bar.

We met some great people and each coffee we showcased had fantastic feedback.

If you missed us at London Coffee Festival, don’t worry you can grab a taste of the weekend below.

Bolivia | Villa Rosario

Colombia | Risaralda