We’ve been brewing for quite some time and tried almost every brewer out there. It’s not that they’re bad, it’s that this is exceptional. Every little detail has been thought of, from the powder-coated matt-black aesthetic to the unbreakable durability of the dripper.

You know those big-budget apocalyptic movie scenes where the sand has covered a planet and there’s just the hand of a granite statue poking through, still intact. In the real world, it’s this dripper. By this point it’s pretty useless given that coffee itself hasn’t survived but rest assured the dripper will survive.



Precision-engineered, vacuum-insulated, flat-bottom pour-over dripper – if that sounds like a lot of words it’s because Fellow thought of everything when designing this brewer. In our minds, inarguably the best filter dripper ever made.

A vacuum-insulated body helps maintain a completely consistent temperature while brewing, enabling fantastic extraction while using water, slightly off-the-boil (we recommend between 94′-96′ Celcius) to avoid burning the coffee. Coincidentally, if you ever do find yourself brewing outdoors, a cold wind paired with a regular brewer can quickly ruin your delicious coffee experience. Even indoors, temperature stability will always enable a better, more consistent brew.

When it comes down to brewing with a pour-over method, flat-bottom brewers make the most sense. Traditional pour-over brewers like a V60, Clever Dripper, or Melitta pale in comparison to a well-designed flat-bottom brewer like this. You avoid the normal ‘choking’ of the brew that you often get with a traditional V60 and in our experience enjoy a pleasant, evenly-extracted brew.

If it’s hard to visualise what we mean by a ‘flat-bottom’ brewer, imagine brewing in a hollow cylinder (a Pringles tube) versus a cone (like an ice cream cone). In the cylinder, you have a bed of coffee at the bottom that the water slowly and evenly drains through. In the cone, all the water is forced down through a choking point with the coffee sat at the base of the cone extracting far more vigorously than the rest of the coffee. It’s actually confusing why a cone brew method has been normal for so long.



Small and compact but with packed-in tools like the easy dosing funnel, this pour-over brewer is by far our favourite ever made. Easy to use and easy to clean, this brewer can be used with the utmost care or it can be used quickly and with little thought, pouring the majority of water carelessly in while you send off that email you were meaning to three hours ago.



We’ve been thinking hard, trying to come up with a situation in which you could break this, we can’t. Every situation we think of is an apocalyptic one in which humans themselves don’t survive and the brewer does.

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