In 2018, there wasn’t an option to get great coffee in sustainable packaging. You helped us change that.

Three years later and you are the heroes of the coffee world, helping us to accelerate the entire industry transition towards 100% compostable packaging.

As you might imagine, developing a bag that keeps your coffee fresh but also breaks down quickly after use is a tough problem. We’re constantly working on improving the ‘compost time’ in different environments while at the same time realising we’d be doing the farmers and you a disservice if your coffee were to go stale quicker.

Although we want you to be drinking coffee as fresh as possible (after it’s had a week to ‘rest’ post-roast), if you panic and order a little too much, your coffee will still stay fresh for months in our bags.


Got a compost bin at home? A healthy compost bin or heap will have a ‘hot’ internal temperature due to the breakdown of food waste and plants. This is the perfect environment for your used Voyager bags to breakdown quickly. You can even help them along by cutting the bags into strips, this enables more ‘contact area’. The bags will act similar to dry twigs so will need to interact with wet food, soil, or plant waste.


A ‘food waste’ composting environment, like where most UK councils will send your food waste bin is also, in most cases, an ideal and accelerated composting environment. However, unfortunately, all UK councils have different approaches and most don’t yet have the technology to differentiate between plastic packaging and packaging like ours that’s made from 100% plants. Therefore, although it’s the right environment for our packaging to compost, we can’t recommend this option.


The great thing about packaging made from 100% plants is that already, in production, it uses less energy to produce and emits less CO2 than traditional plastic packaging. A quick way to avoid misleading labelling is to check if the packaging in question is ‘beneficial’ to the soil once it’s composted. Great news – the Voyager bags you’re using are classified as a ‘soil improver’.

The bags can go in your black bin, they’ll compost over a longer time period but will completely disappear. They’ll also have improved the soil to grow more plants, a perfect circular system.