You’ll hear numerous reasons why people love the Aeropress brew method. It’s quick, it makes a super-smooth coffee with some great body, and the world loves this brew method so much there’s even a worldwide Aeropress brewing championship. We love it because you can take it anywhere. That means, no excuse for bad coffee no matter where you are. One of the reasons we developed our 100% compostable packaging was because we were taking our coffee everywhere we went. When you throw something away there isn’t an ‘away’, it will eventually end up impacting the beautiful places you or someone else loves.

If you’ve made the change to buying great coffee in compostable packaging you are a hero!


Once you’ve masted this simple brewer, and now is a good time to practice, it’s one of the quickest ways of making fantastic coffee at home.


You’ll Need

15g coffee.

An Aeropress.

Aeropress filter paper or reusable metal filter.

Weighing scales or your Aeropress scoop.

A kettle or nearly boiling water c. 95’C.

Your favourite mug.


Brew Guide

Heat 250g water to almost boiling point (94’C-96’C).

Grind 15g coffee to a medium/fine grind (similar to table salt).

For our ‘inverted method’ here, place your plunger down with the black silicone end facing upwards.

Slide the larger chamber onto it with a 2cm overlap and the filter-cap end facing upwards.

Preheat the Aeropress chamber and your mug.

Add the ground coffee.

Add 200g of water to your coffee.

Stir to make sure all the grounds are saturated and brewing evenly.

Wet your filter paper and with it inside the cap, screw the cap onto the chamber.

Brew for one minute.

Place your mug upside down on top of the chamber and smoothly flip 180 degrees.

Slowly plunge your chamber down taking 30 seconds.

Aim for a total brew time of 1.5 minutes.

Top up your brew with 50-100g more water.

Savour every sip.


Not quite right?

If you’re finding your coffee coming out bitter then adjust your grind to be coarser or experiment with a shorter brew time. If the brew tastes acidic or weak then try making your coffee grind finer or extending the brew time before plunging.

Your Aeropress is a versatile brewer, even though we favour the Aeropress’ ‘inverted method’ there are two main brew styles. You can have almost no ‘brew time’, use only 45g water and plunge straight way or you can brew similarly to our method above. If you are experimenting with no brew time make sure to grind a little finer if you’re able.


What coffee should I choose?

The Aeropress brings out a silky and smooth body to any coffee. By using pressure, although much lower than an espresso machine, the brewer extracts some of the oils in your coffee that will balance out your coffee well. When using darker roasted coffees, you’ll avoid a lot of the bitterness but the coffee will be fairly flat as there won’t be many lighter flavours to create a balanced brew. A medium roasted coffee, especially those with a syrupy body with fruity overtones is perfect. Our perfect Aeropress brew has a smooth chocolate body with sweet, syrup finish and fruit flavours over the top.


Unsure where to start? Why not try our sustainable, travel blend – ROAD TRIP