Consider the term ‘landfill’ and the reality of it. Much like the term ‘brushing it under the rug’, it illustrates a reality where a decision is made to not deal with an issue. The insane premise is that somehow if we move the issue out of sight it will go away.

Here’s a 34-year old Marathon wrapper (Snickers for those of you who weren’t alive when it was made) found in Sidmouth.

Here’s a 33-year old Mars wrapper found in Constantine Bay.

We decided to use compostable packaging because we love these places. We love the wild and rugged outdoor spaces all across the UK and once this lockdown lifts we want to be able to enjoy those spaces again. When you throw something away, there is no ‘away’.


All the Voyager grey and white bags are 100% compostable! They’re made from plant starches and after use the resulting compost will help grow more plants.

That’s not it – our boxes, labels, glue, and ink are all compostable too.


These bags are 100% made from plants, a renewable source.

Specific plants – corn, sugar cane and beets – produce starches.

The starches convert into poly-lactic acid through milling, hydrolysis, and fermentation.

After use this bag can be hot composted, breaking down quickly.

This material has a far smaller carbon footprint than traditional packaging production.

The resulting compost is a great soil improver helping to grow more plants!


Thank you. Thank you for being like-minded individuals, baristas, cafe-owners, business-owners, flat-white drinkers, and home-brewers. You’ve come together, supported and promoted a culture of compostable packaging as an ‘expectation’, not a luxury.

We want to accelerate the coffee industry towards using compostable packaging as a necessity.

You’re helping us do that.

Buy great coffee in compostable packaging.