We’re going ‘On the Road’

So as the UK lockdown caused by Covid-19 continues and you sit at home refreshing the ‘coronavirus UK cases update’ while waiting for a potential Tesco delivery slot, Morrisons delivery slot, Waitrose delivery slot, Sainsburys delivery slot, Asda delivery slot, Ocado delivery slot (even though you’re not quite sure what it is), and even consider an Iceland delivery slot… do they still operate? Instead of going stir-crazy and/or launching a sizeable houseparty why not join us on the road. We should probably let you know straight away that this isn’t the ‘escape’ from the confines of your home that perhaps you were dreaming of. Instead, we’re taking you metaphorically ‘on the road’ to some of the best coffee farms in South America. We’re focusing on our blend ROAD TRIP, which like the name suggests takes advantage of fantastic coffees from some far-flung regions of the world but also takes you on a flavour-tour, veering away on coffee roads you may not have travelled on.


Flavour Trip

You exit your house and straight away sink into the familiar seat in your car – this is the chocolate flavour you’ll find. You can’t help but like it, the familiarity, it’s become a staple, a comforting expectation. As you begin your journey you head off on a road you’ve only ever taken a few times before, it’s refreshingly different, there’s a healthy sweetness to it – this is the caramel sauce flavours you’re finding as the coffee touches the back of your tongue. You’ve now been driving for some time, following the map in good faith. You pass through beautiful mountains, towns you don’t recognise, and people dancing in the streets. A liveliness is present, you can’t help but feel it. It’s not comfortable, you don’t feel cosy but you feel alive. You’re awash with the newness of it all, soaking in something unexpected but satisfying – this is the red berries, a flavour arriving over the top as you begin to drink faster unable to savour your coffee for too long.


Daterra | Brazil

Without a doubt, Daterra is one of the pioneering sustainable coffee farms focusing heavily on sustainability before it was cool. They are also changing the coffee industry when it comes down to the quality of coffees they produce. In the last few years through experimental processing methods they have revolutionised what it means to drink a coffee from Brazil. Daterra truly do set the standards for how farms should operate and have a far-reaching sustainability influence across, not just the coffee industry, but many other industries as well.


Cafe Granja la Esperanza | Colombia

You only have to look at the farm’s long list of worldwide coffee industry awards to know they are one of the best, established growers of coffee in the world. Within the world of Barista Championships, Brewer’s Cup, and Roasters’ Choice this farm is synonymous.


Cafe Femenino | Peru

This coffee stands for women. Thousands of women with one powerful idea: Women farmers deserve credit for their crucial role in the coffee industry. This is an incredible ethical sourcing model committed to ending the cycle of poverty affecting women coffee farmers across the world. Café Femenino provides direct compensation to women farmers, along with the opportunity and resources to enact positive change in their communities and on their own terms.


If you’ve managed to get your hands on the ‘On the Road’ pack, enjoy the bonus single-origin from Eastern Narino in Colombia.