The pourover method describes any brew method that works on gravity pulling water through ground coffee such as a V60 or Chemex. The key differences between all the pourover methods from using a traditional cloth, a thick Chemex filter paper or a thinner V60 paper is simply the thickness of your paper or alternative. An easy guide to follow is the thicker the paper, the less ‘body’ or the thinner and more delicate your coffee will be.


You’ll Need

15g coffee.

A V60/Kalita/Melitta/Chemex brewer.

Filter papers.

Weighing scales or a trusty scoop.

A kettle or nearly boiling water c. 95’C.

Your favourite mug.


Brew Guide

Heat 250g water to almost boiling point (94’C-96’C).

Grind 15g coffee to a medium grind (similar to a coarse sand).

Rinse filter paper and preheat your mug.

Add the ground coffee.

Add 45g of water to your coffee or enough to saturate all the dry grounds.

Leave coffee to ‘bloom’ for 30 seconds or stir gently to make sure all the grounds are saturated.

Gently add the remaining water in an even distribution.

Aim for a total brew time of 2.5/3 minutes.

Savour every sip.


Not quite right?

Was your brew time too long or too short? If it’s taking too long to brew OR you’re finding the coffee coming out bitter then adjust your grind to be coarser. If the brew is finishing too quickly or it tastes acidic or weak then try making your coffee grind finer.


What coffee should I choose?

The pourover method often brings out the best from lighter and more complex coffees. It’s not so much that light/medium roast coffees with either floral or fruity flavours will perform best from brewing this way but more that you’ll often get the best out of these super delicate coffees by opting for a brew method that essentially only ‘washes past’ the coffee grounds retaining all the exceptional flavours.


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