A note from the roastery


Here in the Voyager roastery, we love to explore the growing number of interesting coffee origins from around the globe and we want our customers to be part of that too, through our Round the World Coffee Project. Our Head Roaster, Rachael, is always looking out for exceptional coffees from some of our favourite coffee farms. We like to follow the coffee seasons, offering different processed coffees and new origins, as well as choosing speciality coffees with high cupping scores.

We carefully hand roast the coffee at our roastery on Dartmoor and when requested send out beautiful, freshly roasted coffee samples to our Round the World Coffee Project members along with tasting notes and tips on how to extract the best flavours from the coffee. You can join us for this project below, it’s the only way to secure the rare favourites! As well as our constant offering of exciting new coffees, we hold increasingly popular open cuppings at our roastery.

You’re more than welcome to join us and be a part of the process too – we’d love to have you along! Look out for our new coffees in our Round the World Coffee Project shop and follow us on social media for updates on our upcoming events. Most importantly, coffee can be exceptional – bright, delicate, and floral or simply indulgent, nutty, and mellow – don’t let your curiosity die. Join the journey, our curiosity is always alive.


Join the journey

You’re looking to surprise and delight your customers with exceptional speciality coffees from deceptively sweet and nutty Brazilian ones to delicate, floral Chemex sensations.

You get everything from rare single-origin delights to firm favourites we’ve sustainably-sourced from farms we’ve worked with for years.

We send you a kilo of each new coffee we source. We’ve sourced it because it was irresistible and we just couldn’t say no. You decide whether you want more… to share or drink when no one is watching.

You have access to constant professional barista training at our state of the art academy throughout your entire journey with us.

Our Current Favourites