Refer a friend to Voyager and you both unlock a gift! Everybody wins! 👏🏽

For a long time, we’ve wanted to show our thanks to all you planet-saving-sippers who have joined us on our journey to expand sustainably-focussed coffee and tea. 🌍 ☕️

We could just give you a gift for introducing Voyager to one of your friends but we wanted to make it into a little game. Refer a friend and you both win a gift, it could be some tasty Peppermint tea or it could be our favourite grinder, a new single origin or an unbreakable bit of brew kit.

You and a friend will receive a gift worth between £6.50 and £310! 🎉

It’s a really simple process that is guaranteed to unlock you both a gift. 🙌🏽

All you have to do is head to the Voyager website (as you’re already here you can check that one off the list ✅)

Click on the gift icon in the top right corner. 🎁

Once in your account click on ‘Refer a friend,’ copy the link and send it to a friend! 🏹

Once you have sent the link you will be able to track the status of your referral to see if they have created an account and placed their first order yet.

To unlock your gifts and have them sent to you all that needs to happen is for your friend (the new voyager ally) to place an order and as soon as we ship it the gifts will automatically appear in your accounts!

Click on your waiting gift (you will receive an email when it’s available) and the gift you’ve unlocked will be revealed and automatically added to your basket for your next order.

That’s it, with your next orders the gifts will be on their way to you! 🚐