Summer Dartmoor Challenge!

To celebrate the beauty of our area and this gorgeous time of year we want to challenge you all to get out on the moors and visit a Tor you haven’t before!

If you do, take a picture of yourself at the top and post it to Instagram, tag us and add this hashtag to your caption ‘#imavoyager’. 🥾

We will check who got up there on Monday the 25th of July (which gives you two weekends!) and send everyone who’s completed the challenge a bag of our aptly named ’Nomad’. 🎒


Step 1) Visit a Tor you haven’t never been too before

Step 2) Post a picture of the yourself at the top of the Tor on Instagram, tag us and add the hashtag #imavoyager

Step 3) Get a message from us so we can send you a bag of Nomad!


So what are you waiting for? Get out there and enjoy summer!