If you know Voyager you’ll know how much we love Dartmoor. It plays such a large role within all of us, some of us have moved from far away to be closer to the great expanse of nature, while others where born within the borders of the national park and can’t imagine living anywhere else.

So, as a way to engage with the land that we love so much and to bring more people out to enjoy it, we are running a Dartmoor Easter egg hunt!

The premise is simple, we have hidden 10 cards in ‘letterboxes’ (more on letterboxes below), each of which have a unique code written on them, this code will unlock a 500g bag of nomad from our website.

We will be posting clues across the course of the Easter weekend to help them all get found but it’s worth noting that the hunt doesn’t end with the weekend but rather once they have all been found and we will be publicly posting if there are unfound ‘eggs’!

If you are unfamiliar with letterboxing, it is an extremely popular hobby that now spans all over the world but began here on Dartmoor. The way its modern format works is that there are hidden ‘letterboxes’ (often in the form of tupperware) in beautiful/rural locations, within them is a note book along with a stamp. The ‘letterboxer’ also carries a note book and a personalised stamp. When they successfully find a new letterbox they put an imprint in their book using the stamp within the letterbox and leave an imprint of their personal stamp in the book that is within the letterbox.

Heres a link to the Dartmoor National Park website where they have more information about letterboxing


Happy Easter and good luck hunting!