Don Luis Eduardo Campos planted his coffee farm (Cordillera de Fuego) in Piedades del Sur, Alajuela after graduating from university in 1984.

Ever since he has been pursuing new and innovative ways to improve his coffee production, he had the idea of an anaerobic ferment with the objective of accentuating the naturally occurring flavours of the coffee through a controlled fermentation process.

The unique flavours and tasting notes of the anaerobic microlots come from their special processing method.

It starts with hand-picking mature coffee cherries when they are at their ripest which allows them to have a high sugar content and thus feed the fermentation process.

Going further than focussing on incredible tasting coffee, Luis turned his attention to the farm’s emissions and since 2017 his farm has implemented several projects to reduce its water usage and increase its efficiency. The biggest project was the installation of solar panels, which supply 100% of the energy of the main office and 50% of the energy of the mill.

Grab yourself a bag to taste the produce of this incredible story.