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Posted on 13 December 2018
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We've launched our own brand of ​luxury planet friendly teas!

We've launched our own brand of ​luxury planet friendly teas!
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Our story… 

Having gained a reputation for discovering and roasting seriously good speciality coffee, the Voyager team gathered in the roastery on a misty morning in November, to discuss the concept of creating a selection of teas that far surpass your average daily brew.

When we were kids we associated tea drinking with our grandparents, serving up a glorious homemade Victoria Sponge with a cup of Earl Grey poured from a fine china teapot.

Skip a generation or two and going for tea with friends, pouring big leaf teas from chic, infusion pots, whilst indulging in locally made artisan cakes, is now a trend set in stone for the younger generation as well as the old.

“It’s a culture as cool as coffee and we wanted to share it with you.”


What makes Voyagers Tea stand out from the crowd?

Voyager Tea is 100% Plastic Free

Voyager tea pyramids are made from plants not plastic, meaning each bag is fully bio-degradable. We believe in always using planet friendly, organic produce wherever possible. Our mission was simple, to create exciting, fully biodegradable, speciality teas that complimented our dedication to roasting outstanding coffee… mission accomplished!

What are the Tea Pyramids made from?

The pyramids and strings are made from corn starch and sealed with heat. No glue is used in the making of the tea pyramids. The little labels attached to the end of the string are made from paper, meaning they are absolutely no harm to the environment.

Where should I put my used tea pyramids?

Simply pop them in your food waste bin, whilst the pyramids are fully compostable they would take a long time to break down in a compost bin, therefore we recommend putting them in your food waste bin for the local council to process in their industrial food waste systems, it will take them around 12 weeks to break them down.

Tea story continued…

We searched high and low to find local tea specialists that knew as much about speciality tea as we do about coffee.

Based in Glastonbury, Somerset, we found likeminded tea experts that cared deeply about planet friendly, unrivalled local produce.

So, we met up over many a brew to begin creating the Voyager Tea blends and the rest was history…

Our new friends spent a considerable amount of time discovering outstanding high elevation tea growers, from the foothills of the Himalayas to the Nilgiri mountains, so that we could create not just a well-blended brew, but an experience not easily forgotten, for tea enthusiasts of all ages.

Voyager Tea may be from all over the world but it’s blended and packed here in the South West of England. Each little pyramid has its own little story to tell, expect unexpected flavours that awaken your senses in a way we only ever thought coffee would.

Caring Tea

We donate our tea & hot chocolate to Treatment Bag a local charity, providing thoughtful, compassionate gifts to people facing chemotherapy, at a time when they need it most.

We hope you enjoy the Voyager Tea experience, for more information on our chosen charity, Treatment Bag please visit    

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