Situated in Buckfastleigh on the edge of Dartmoor, the Voyager Roastery brings together precision, expertise and a passion for flavour.

We're proud to source the finest green coffee beans from around the world and we make sure just as much attention is taken throughout the roasting process.

Our roasters, Rachael and Stephen, work hard to get the best from every bean. The vibrant flavours and unique properties of our coffees are hand crafted to be truly invigorating.

Researching and analysing flavours is an important part of their jobs. When they aren’t skilfully roasting our award winning espresso blends and single origin coffees, the team spends a lot of time analysing and sampling new coffees to keep us ahead of the curve.

The Voyager roaster is hand-built by Genio, a small coffee roasting equipment business in South Africa. It’s the first 30kg roaster to be made by the company and is the only one of its kind to be used in the UK – we love the exceptional roasting results it helps us achieve.